Public and Private Cloud

The use of cloud storage is becoming very popular and one of the reasons why it is now becoming as popular as it is and is because although at the introduction of cloud services, only the larger companies were using them, small and medium sized businesses are now discovering that they can be very useful to them too. Basically public cloud storage is for the storage of a business’s data that is free to be shared with anyone that may be interested whilst private cloud storage will restrict the people that can access to the data stored in it. Both of these at different times and under different circumstances, can be useful to both large and small businesses alike but ensuring you select the right one for the task in hand, is very important. icloud is one of these services and as the name probably implies, it is a service that has been especially designed for use with other I products, which are of course made by Apple.

Even though this service may have been especially developed for use with Apple products, it is still as important that an icloud log in is as secure as any other log in to a cloud service. Although this and similar services go to great lengths to ensure the security of the information stored in them, the best security is provided by having a strong log in password, one that is unique and hopefully hard to guess, even by someone that may be familiar with the personal details of the person creating the password. All too often people, when creating a password, will use personal family details like the age or birth dates of their children, their own birthday or perhaps the number of their private home. Although these may seem impossible to guess by a complete stranger, not all people looking to illegally learn passwords are complete strangers and so the passwords are easy to break and thereby gain access to all your private and personal details.

Obviously if a business wants to place data on a cloud service which needs to be accessed by more than one person in that business, the password will have to be given to all those that need it but hopefully those people will not pass on that password to others that have no business knowing it. Many small businesses are learning that by backing up their data in a cloud service, they have no need to also back it up separately on their own premises. Other businesses may only use a cloud service for certain projects and allow whomever needs access to the progress of the project, access to the password but, at the completion of the project the business then downloads the data and stores it separately before changing the cloud password and entrusting a new project to it. Another use for a cloud service by a business is to place their disaster plans in cloud, only taking them out if that particular disaster is expected. By doing this, the business need not use up its own valuable memory to store information which is rarely ever used.