Giving is Not Always Easy

It is not always easy to give a gift to someone as you if you are going to give a gift, you will want it to be useful, perhaps unique and certainly appreciated and the difficulty can be in finding a gift that meets all of these requirements. Today however that task, as far as gifts for men are concerned at least, has become easier due to the website

This is a website that displays especially designed gifts for the purpose of giving to men, perhaps as a gift for being the best man at a wedding or as a father’s day gift. They are therefore suitable for men and all of them are practical, able to be used often when needed. The gifts include cuff links, coasters, key chains and bottle openers but if you think that there is nothing special about those items, think again. What makes these gifts different from anything else you may have seen in the shops is the fact that these are made from used ammunition. A 50mm bottle opener is just one of the gifts and it is made from a used 50mm cartridge, giving the gift character and charm and also uniqueness.

To ensure all the gifts are unique though, the company, Bullets2Bandages, engrave each item with an inscription of your choice, perhaps the best man’s name and the date of the wedding. Every time the best man takes out his bottle opener in the future, he will draw looks of amazement and perhaps even draw many comments, making these gifts talking points as well as practical items.

The popularity of these items as gifts is growing and now, due to requests, the company also makes some of them in brighter colours that will appeal to the women, perhaps sometimes making them appropriate gifts for bridesmaids as well as the best man. The business expanded still further when, again due to requests, it started to make additional items, items which could be used in bars. These additional items include beer trays, pint glasses and beer pump handles, all of which of course can be engraved with the bar’s name.

Bullets2Bandages (B2B) was founded by two veterans that needed to find something to do on leaving the military and as they were explosive ordinance officers in the navy, their minds obviously turned to ammunition and what could be done with them. They left the service in 2010 but by the middle of 2011, they had already gotten the business in operation. In respect to and to assist other veterans the two founders decided that they would donate a percentage of the business’s profits to veteran’s organizations and charities and so when you give one of these items as a gift to one person, you are also helping someone else; a veteran and both the recipient of the gift and the veteran that profits from its sale will appreciate your kind gift and the recipient at least, will always remember the occasion on which it was given.